Scott Paul Robertson

Brady Bunch Appearance

(as "Mike Robertson")
Images Copyright © 1970 Paramount Pictures Corporation

Waiting for Marcia

Alan can't take Marcia to the dance.

"I hate you, Alan Anthony!"

"I flipped over the handlebars of my bike."

Braces for Alan, too!

Which way do the arms go again?
(A spontaneous gag -- I really didn't know!)

Finally ready to go.

Off to the dance.

Period of Adjustment Appearance

Images Copyright © 1962 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

At the piano.

Dad (Tony Franciosa) wakes up.

You don't need that doll anymore.

Looking at the doll in the fire.

Going to get the doll.

Aftermath! (with Lois Nettleton)

Child Acting Credits: Film and Television

The Brady Bunch
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Bob Hope Chrysler Theater
"The Eighth Day"
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Period of Adjustment Junior (Featured) MGM/George Roy Hill
"Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner"
Davidson (Featured) CBS
Dinah Shore Chevy Show Various recurring roles NBC
Jack Benny Special Prinsoner's son CBS
Playhouse 90
"A Corner of the Garden"
Kid on train platform CBS
Steve Canyon Jimmy Robel Universal

Child Acting Credits: Commercials

Ivory Soap, Bactine, KoolAid, Langendorf Bread, Lincoln Mercury, Royal Pudding, Surechamp Dogfood, Wheaties